Riffs Smokehouse

Competition Style BBQ to your table in Seconds

We smoke meat !

We make killer sauce !   We package it for your Convenience!

But, we are more than this…

We celebrate with you when you graduate… We party with you on your birthday… We quickly fill you up after school… We fuel your tank before practice… We share your day around the dinner table… We are up late with you as you study for finals… We vacation with you at the cabin… We are even there for you at 2:00 am to satisfy your late night craving...

We are purveyors of convenient competition style bbq, ready for you to reheat and eat WHENever and WHEREever you need it!

We are a USDA certified meat manufacturing plant where we slow smoke pork shoulder and baby back ribs the old fashion way using maple, cherry and hickory woods until the meat is fall off the bone tender. Pork Hand Pulled into succulent bark encrusted nuggets.  Ribs dry rubbed and smoked until they hit their sweet spot. We then vacuum pack and freeze the smoked meat into convenient, ready to re-heat packages that always taste like they just came off the smoker.


P l a c e   y o u r   o r d e r   a t  :   s e r v i c e @ r i f f s s m o k e h o u s e . c o m

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