Bacon ON the Go

Amped Up Flavor

Bacon on the Go is a completely unique, fully-cooked bacon product that you can eat right out of the package — this is not bacon jerky. We wood-smoke thick cuts of bacon for hours with our handmade rub and a variety of spices to create the greatest tasting piece of meat known to man.

Heat it Up!

Even though it can be eaten straight out of the bag, you can revitalize the bacon — bringing it right back to how it was when it came of the smoker — by heating it up. It’s easy; you just put the whole bag in the microwave for 5 seconds. You can also warm it in your pocket, place it in hot water, hold it by the campfire, or leave it on your dashboard! Anything that gets it warm just Amps Up the flavor!

Bacon on the Go is packaged in a BPA-free bag, is Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, and the best thing you’ll eat today.


P l a c e   y o u r   o r d e r   a t  :   s e r v i c e @ r i f f s s m o k e h o u s e . c o m

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